Helvetica 1860 1 Franc , how much is it worth as im getting mixed messages

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  • Hi Louise --

    Nice coin! And valuable, too.


    You have a Swiss 1 franc coin dated 1860. Helvetia means Switzerland.

    The coin in my image, which is very similar to yours, sold for $178 US dollars during a coin auction in 2015.  Further, one sold on eBay recently for $120, see:


    These two auction results give a good idea of the value of your coin. Don't let anyone talk you out of it. Auction results are the best indicators of value in the coin business.

    Actually, I like the looks of your coin -- its overall appearance and eye appeal -- better than either of the two in my auction results.

    In summary, my "educated guess" is that you could sell your coin to a collector for $150 to $200. If you wanted to sell your coin to a coin dealer, figure he or she would offer you about one-half those amounts. A coin dealer must maintain a substantial mark-up to be able to stay in business.

    See our page about these coins here:


    For a discussion about the variability in coin prices, see this page:


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  • Thank you very much for the reply and information regarding the coin. It was in a large collection of coins from my dad , I've found about 25 silver coins so far but I think this one is worth the most, maybe not as I am no expert. This coin has been in a jar in a garage for the last 30+ years along with all the rest and generally untouched. Maybe adding to it's condition.  I would like to sell the coin and split the money between my two sons if you know any possible buyers. 

    Thanks once again for the info it's very much appreciated 


  • Hi Louise --

    You are taking the first step -- which is the most important step -- in selling coins. The first step it to find out what they are worth. You can't put a precise value on your coins from web sites and catalogs, but you can get a ballpark number. And a ballpark number is what you need.

    Use the "Find Coins" feature on the main CoinQuest.com web site to get values, or write back here, or ask collector friends or professional coin dealers, or others to get values.

    Once you are satisfied your values are close to correct, then decide the mechanism for selling them. There are three mechanisms, each with its own risk/reward ratio. For explanations of each method, see this page:


    Write back if you have questions.

    BTW, you mentioned silver coins. Please refer to this page for value:


  • Hello. 

    I have put the coin up for auction on eBay. It's doing no good just sat in my draw at home. 

    Fingers crossed it generates some interest. 


  • Good for you, Louise. I looked on eBay, but could not find your coin. Is it still there? Be sure to get a tracking number when you ship it.

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  • Yes it is still there. I wonder why it is not showing up? 

  • Ah. Found it. I searched for 'Switzerland' and in USA only. It is under 'Swiss' and international.

    Your opening bid is a little high, which scares away early bidders. Hopefully, bidders will swoop in at the last minute and scoop it up.

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  • I know it's high but it doesn't matter if it sells. I didn't want to let it go to cheap. 

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