Recommendations for coin dealers in the Orlando/Lakeland Florida area

There are a few places who sell coins in the area, but I am looking for someone who might be interested in purchasing coins that I inherited from my Grandfather.  I have quite a few, some that "might" be worth more than melt value.  I need to know if they are worth trying to sell.  Any reputable suggestions?

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  • Basically, no, I don't have any recommendations of specific dealers. But your first order of business is to come up with an approximate value of the collection. Don't go to any coin dealer without an approximate value in mind. If you look up coins in a catalog, be aware that a dealer usually pays about one-half catalog value, assuming that the coins are accurately graded and have no problems such as spots, stains, scratches or cleanings.

    If you have one coin worth more than, say, $100, then a PNG dealer may be interested. Look them up by zip code here:


    There are plenty of coin dealers who will rip off a neophyte. Don't be a neophyte. Do your homework.

    If your Grandfather has a collection, he has catalogs, magazines, and other literature associated with it. He also stores the coins carefully in holders. If he has a random pile of old coins, it is an accumulation. Collections are worth money. Accumulations, usually, are not.

    For more info:


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