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Hello everyone, I believe this is Constatine 1 The Great 307-337 ad. My question is what are the sparkling specks throughout and in the metal? It is IN the whole coin as in coined with the material. Also, is this actually the above description? Is the copper or bronze just breaking down or a bad(?) Mix? Is it normal? 


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  • This is William again

    • William Cross Hi, ''William again''! 

      Sorry,but I don't know the answer to ''What are the sparkling specks...?''

      What I know are these:

      1) You identified correctly your coin as one of Constantin I ''The Great''.

      2) it is a FOLLIS,made of copper AE(not bronze),minted in Thessalonique/Greece (T S E).

      3) on the reverse is a male standing : this is Jupiter-Zeus 

      4) many varieties were minted. Your coin is close to one of the following: 


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    • Andi Pasculescu the coin has lots of small sparklysparkling the material, the copper.  Its strange looking. I assume their copper came from many sources. The sparkles look like goldish impurities in the copper.

      Thanks Andi!

    • William Cross Yes,yes,that's very possible,William! I think this is the right answer to your question. And,of course,copper came from many sources as there were so many minting places through the empire. No doubt about this! In nature, copper is very often found mixed with little quantities of gold and silver. 


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    • Andi Pasculescu goldish impurities in the copper" what a misnomer!! Should be copperish impurities in the gold!! If it was a gold coin,, and its not so....just saying, Thanks again!!

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