Can you please help with these coins real or fake all the things ive had from this person have been 100% real but unsure about coins

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  • Hello! In order to make the things easier,first please provide of each coin also their weight & diametre. If you can determine,also the metal of each coin.

    Now,for what I see for the moment:

    1) the first coin(up/left) is ment to be a roman imperial coin... But,I strongly doubt its authenticity by its aspect and colour: should it be minted in gold?! I don't think so,it seems gold plated. If this is the case,it is surely a fake!

    2) the second coin(up/right) is also a roman imperial coin,this time minted in bronze,very nice,good preservation but I cannot bet on its authenticity for sure! (antique coins are not my domain of ''expertise'',sorry!馃槩). If genuine,it is a nice add to a collection 馃

    3) the third coin(down range/left),also bronze imperial coin,is much more used in circulation but this + its aspect makes me quite sure of authenticity.馃憤

    4) the fourth item(down/right) is not a coin but a medal,it has brocken ear ring. From the photos you gave us,I cannot identify anything about its origins but it is very likely a somehow genuine item...

    Hope these helped you a bit...


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    • Andi Pasculescu thank you for your help.  Would you know how much i should put on the 2 top coins for sale please

  • Sorry,I now just saw the second bunch of photos of the other sides of the coins and I come back with revised and much more correct information!:

    1) & 2) Both '' coins'' are not real coins,not genuine for sure and not too old also. They are somekind of modern souvenir medals/tokens for the remind of ruling years of 2 roman emperors. I don't think that,as such,the 2 items are valuable for collections 馃槶

    3) this is,in my opinion,a genuine bronze roman imperial coin... but in a not too good preservation. 馃憤&馃憥

    4) as I said,this is a medal,genuine for sure but not very old (it has the year 1914 on it!) and also in not very good conservation(partially,legends are rubbed off). I cannot say its origins...

    Andi 馃憢

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  • Sir or Madam --

    Here's a little more info on the Roman coin that Andi identified. 

    It is a bronze As (the denomination) from Tiberius Caesar, with a picture of an oar on the back. Below is the description of my pictured coin, which sold to a collector for $235 US dollars. Your coin is in far worse condition, so it would probably sell for $50 to $100.

    ==== auction description:

    Rzesz贸w Auction House > Auction 9 Auction date: 9 April 2022
    Lot number: 2135

    Price realized: 鈧216 (Approx. $235 / 拢181 / CHF 219) Save this lot

    Roman Empire, Tiberius As

    A natural, circulating example.

    Obverse: head in a laurel wreath, left, legend:

    Reverse: oar, SC on its sides, legend around it:

    Bronze, diameter 27 x 28 mm, weight 10.4 g, axis 7 h. Reference: RIC 64
    Grade: VF

    ancient, antike Rome, Roman Empire Roman Empire

    Starting price: EUR 65

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  • Thank you very much for the help

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