Check out this strange 1951 Wheat Penny

1951 wheat Penny that weighs 2.5 grams along with spot on the rim that is thinner than the rest of the coin. The thin area is the rim closest to the half missing "O" on the reverse

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  • HK -- It looks like a "struck through grease" error, worth a few US dollars. Or maybe a "struck through foreign material" error.

    Your pictures are excellent (thanks!), but it is hard to tell what is going on with your coin.

    It looks to me that your coin is a true "error coin" and not one that was damaged after it left the mint. Coins with post mint damage are worth zero. Error coins carry value.

    For some info on "struck through grease" check this page:


  • Thanx Paul, if it was "struck thru grease" that wouldn't affect the weight of the coin would it? I know all Lincoln cents before 1982 weighted 3.1 and this coin weighs 2.5. I have check it on three different scales, I just don't have any that's why I didn't post a picture of it on scales.

  • Here are a couple pictures of it on scales.

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  • Thanks for the scale pictures. A weight of 2.5 grams applies to copper plated zinc pennies, but they start in 1982. As you say, your 1951 coin should weigh 3.1 grams.

    There is an error known as "light planchet" or "thin planchet." The "struck through" error would not change the weight. So, apparently, you have a light planchet coin. Good find.

    Interestingly, a light planchet error coin that looks very much like yours appears over at Coin Community, here:


    Scanning eBay for light planchet coins, they are quite valuable, but only if slabbed. The slabbing cost will cancel out the increase in value.

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