Error - pre strike- coin?

I have two coins that look like the 1994 Prisoner of War Memorial Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar. The words/strike of “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, or the date “1994”are not on these coins. They also do not have mint marks on the back. One coin is silver the other is a gold . They have a proof/ mirror finish. Any help would be very much appreciated. Has anyone seen these before? Thank You, DuWayne

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  • That is quite weird. I have not seen articles in the numismatic press about such a coin, but you clearly have one (or two).

    Did you get these through normal channels, e.g., from a dealer or on eBay?

    They certainly look genuine.

    Perhaps another forum member will shed some light on the subject. I have no light to shed!

  • Paul, Thank You for your reply. I have been baffled about these 2 coins since I bought them at a local auction. They did come in a box set as pictured, but I do not know for sure if this box came with these or were just placed in it. They do look identical to the 1994 commemorative coin, thou one is gold and the other silver

  • Hi Dave -- This has piqued my curiosity. I made a composite image and posted it over on CoinTalk. There are a lot of smart people over there. Maybe one of them has your answer. See:




  • Well, except for the fact that one of the CoinTalk guys wanted to bite my head off, the answer seems plain: it is an after-market piece made to fool collectors.

  • Sorry i even asked u anything u wont hear from a beginner again thanks for ur knowledge

  • Paul,  Thank You, for the extra effort you went through to help me. And so sorry, about the negative attitude from another.  When I posted here I thought I could only put in 1 picture, so I retook a new picture with the 2 coins together, and I could not get the quality with macro with the camera further away.

    When I posted on the other site I also only had 1 picture ( silver coin - eagle side shown) and the 2 comments came before I posted the other 3 pictures. I was then relocated on the site and have not had a comment since all 4 pictures were on. 

    So Yes, After my 2 replies, with only 1 picture to see, I asked other coin enthusiast for their knowledge and help in finding out about these (rounds).   Now I know what they are not, but will still search for where they came from. I have searched many hours from the US Mint, to Sellers, E-Bay, Coin sites, and then some... and have not seen another set like them.

    Its was exciting to think I had something special, And I'm sure that what keeps us all interested in collectibles.  To the forums sites online, and the people who make them by helping others, Thanks To All,  I really appreciate  your time, knowledge, and all your comments...  Again, Thank You!

  • Yo, Dave -- Your question is 100% legitimate, and it is always wise to get multiple opinions. The answer of "It's a Chinese fake" is not fun, but probably correct.

    As to the negativity of some people, that's life! I feel sorry for them.

    When I get the main CoinQuest database through its current software upgrade, I'll add your coin to it so other people can benefit from your question. It will be a while longer before I can do that.

  • Paul, Yes, I feel the same way. I too have gone through  a lot of hell in my life, but "I" choose to live in heaven. Only we can pick our personality and I choose to be happy and blessed. "I used to complain cause I had no shoes, Until I meet a man who had no feet" That has been my motto for 40 years now. How Blessed are we ! Thank Very Much for All your help Paul ! Hoping you have a Fantastic Weekend! Every Day is a Gift, Enjoy!!!

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