Tiny Gold Coin

Hi - I'm having some trouble with this coin, I can't find anything online. As you can see, its TINY. Looks like Athena on the obverse, and an animal being nursed upon on the reverse. My apologies for the junky scans, I'll have to get better images if this drums up any sort of discussion. Any help is much appreciated, thanks!

PS - I posted another question about a 1797 GB pattern set under the world coin discussion forum, please take a look! Thanks.

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  • Difficult. I have no firm ID. The portrait looks like that of Athena or Aphrodite (goddesses), as shown at this link:


    The reverse is certainly the she-wolf nursing Romulus and Remus (mythological founders of Rome).


    After that, I could not find a gold coin with both images. One might exist. I just could not find it. 

    Take your coin to a jeweler and ask him or her to (non-destructively) test it for gold content. If it is gold -- it looks like gold -- then persue your coin further. It could be valuable.


  • The reverse isn't a she wolf Richard. I looked for this coin myself but I could only locate the reverse but not on a gold coin and whilst there were similar obverse busts with the curiass helmet it is quite uncommon for them to be facing left.  I tied every combination of  Gold Coin Helmeted head of athena: A.blw Chin..Fcg.L./Calf Suckling From Cow head looking back .stg.r.  Loads of similar obverses and loads of similar reverses but none that matched. So it is either a new discovery or a modern replica. I hope it is the former as it could be worth in excess of wait for it $20,000. Better pictures and weight and diameter would help a lot. Narrows the playing field down :)

  • Hi again. This little bugger is increasingly difficult to capture! I have some more clear pictures of the obverse (you can see an A which may have been missed earlier) but the reverse just refuses to be shot well, it won't really scan well either. I will give a weight and diameter soon. This thanks to all your help so far, I'm posting a few finds that have recently stumped me as well! Cheers.

  • I have very very old before 200 years 

  • OK - I popped it out of the flip and took some more data. It is 7.5mm wide (on average, it's a little irregular) and weighs 0.37g. I may wander over to the World of Coins forum with this one...

  • There are a lot of very knowledgeable people at World of Coins. Since you have pretty well stumped all of us, they are the next logical stop.

  • Agreed I have scoured every ancient site I know and those that specialize in greek coins and there are quite a few similar themes that most of the rulers used. The    Helmeted head of Athena with Pegasus,owls,bears, you name it it had a reverse of it. But I never saw the suckling calf or the Athena in gold. They did make them small I saw one had a weight of .50 g so a 0.37 g is quiet feasible 

  • Please report back if/when you get some info. It is an interesting piece. 

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