1957 letzeburg 1 franc

I have looked through all of your searches and can't find this coin .   Could you please help?

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  • Hey there Tony!

    The word "Letzeburg" is a bit confusing - this coin is from Luxembourg.

    About 400,000 people, mostly within Luxembourg, speak the Luxembourgish language. The name of Luxembourg in Luxembourgish was then "Letzeburg", in modern times spelled "L√ętzebuerg".

    This is a coin that is only 60 years old, struck in non-precious metal (copper-nickel), and has a mintage of two million for that year of 1957. Even though the design has a great rustic appeal to it, the catalog value is very low. Fully uncirculated coins catalog as just one US dollar. Average circulated coins (like yours) catalog at $0.10. 

    I do see a couple of coins on eBay, with similar wear to yours, that have sold for 2 or 3 USD. They have two things in common: great pictures, and including both the words "Luxembourg" and "Letzeburg" in the auction title.
    If you're looking to sell, keep that in mind!

    If you're a collector, I would suggest that you read about Grand Duchess Charlotte, who ruled Luxembourg when your coin was minted. She reigned from 1919 to 1964, leading her country out of the first world war, through the second world war, and into the beginnings of the cold war.

    I personally love to put a coin into a historical perspective in this way. Happy collecting!

    - Chris

  • Thanks for the info

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