1965 Quarter Minting Error?

My 1965 Special Mint Set contains a quarter that has a missing (1) in the date.  It appears to have been stamped over.  Wondering if anyone knows anything about this? I scoured the internet, but no luck. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!

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  • Very cool. It is still in the mint package, correct? If so, it is guaranteed to be a minting error.

    It looks like a cud to me. For an explanation and estimate of value, see this page:


  • Yes, still in package. The only reason I caught it is because I was gonna list it on Ebay and I was checking for a mint mark. I may just hold on to this one. Thank you so much for your help, you rock! :)

  • Would I have to send this somewhere to get graded or is there a site you could suggest to get a ballpark estimate on this coin? Thanks in advance.

  • My favorite 'error guy' is Mike Byers. He literally wrote the book on error collecting. He is usually happy to share his expertise. Check his web site and ask him. See:


  • Thak you and GOD bless you. You are a goid man

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