Anti Weather Coin-1801

Dear Concern,

This is cordially notifying you that I have an 1801, 8 Reale coin it is in very mint condition. Across the back it says has a dot followed by Hispan followed by a dot ET IND, dot, REX, dot, M on top a zero or o, dot 8R dot F, dot M dot. Also there are 2 Pillars with a crown and a shield with 04 small size pictures.

On the front side it has a headshot of Carolus IIII and says DEI, dot, GRATIA, dot, 1801, dot CAROLUS dot IIII, dot. This coin has many magical activities as follows:

Magical Activities of this COIN 1801:

  1. So far, it’s Spanish (Mexico) coin. Some word in coin such as: HISPAN, GRATIA, 1801, IND.REX, 8R, F.M. CAROLUS etc…

  2. Normally its looks silver color but in sun light its became slight golden color.

  3. One side of coin attracts ice and another side of coin repulsion the ice.

  4. If anyone put the coin on soil and his ankle putting on coin then he easily see to the sun by open eye (normally nobody can see the sun openly ). Not only that, if more 5 people touched to him then they also see the sun by open eye. So, it’s looks antique weather coin.

  5. Rice can give seeding in touch of this coin.

  6. Rainbow ray can see this coin.

  7. An old tree shall dead if this coin link to the tree by copper wires till 15 days. Within 4/5 days all leaf will spill then tree will dead.

  8. See the coin picture for your easy understand.

    If you are right person to contact then let me know or plz help to get a buyer of this article (coin).

Waiting to hearing something from you.



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