Egypt - Octradrachm

I have a Octradrachm that I inherited years ago and am looking to see if it is a real coin or is it counterfeit.  The picture has all the information I have on it.  I just do not know what I really have and what it may be worth. I am looking for help in finding this information out. 

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  • Wow, Carrie -- Very cool.

    As you have stated, you have an octadrachm (note spelling, not octradrachm with an extra 'r') from ancient Egypt. If your coin is genuine, it is worth a bunch of money, around $10,000 US dollars. The genuine example in our picture below sold for $15,000 in a 2016 auction by . As always, CoinQuest is indebted to Numismatics ARS Classica for use of their coin photo.

    If you carefully inspect the comparison image of your coin with a genuine coin, you will find many significant differences. In all likelihood, this means your coin is not genuine, but a convincing reproduction.

    Just to be sure, I will ask a few top-ranked numismatists to look at the comparison image and give their take on authenticity. Sometimes, with ancient coins, departures in patterns happen even on genuine coins. I do not think this is the case with your coin, but it never hurts to ask plenty of experts.

    In addition, two points:

    1. Your coin could be made out of gold, which would be valuable in itself. Take your coin to a jeweler and have it tested for gold content.

    2. Your coin appears to have been polished or at least buffed with a polishing agent. This is bad. Cleaning old coins lowers value.

    Thanks for your post. When I get more info, I'll post it here on this thread.

  • Thank you so much for your information.  We have owned this for many years and it just sits in a safe and we have never polished it.  I appreciate your expertise and your double checking on the authenticity of this.  I guess the next step for me  would be to take it to a jeweler and see if it is indeed gold.  

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