Value me as you please & Cut my way!

I found this coin about 30 years ago and just trying to find out more?  I tried a magnet on it but not magnetic!  Thanks

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  • You may have something there, Ron.

    These coins, if genuine, are very valuable pieces from colonial times in America. Look at this page for description and approximate values ($10,000 US dollars and more!):

    The question for you is one of authenticity. Do you have genuine coins, or are they fake? Your pictures do not provide enough information to know. And even with good pictures, we could not tell.


    Go to this web site:

    and search for a PNG coin dealer near you (PNG = Professional Numismatist Guild = top-notch coin dealers). Take your coins to the PNG dealer and ask him or her about authenticity. If the dealer thinks your coin might be genuine, he or she will give you proper information about what to do next, which will include professional authentication and grading by PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS (do not use other services).

    Good luck.

    Let us know how it comes out!

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