1786 New Jersey

Trying to find out where this one falls within the wide range of values listed for this type of coin. 

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  • Wow, Karen -- Super nice.


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  • Please read our page on these coins, and get familiar with the terminology involved. See:


    I have seen a few of these in my numismatic travels, but never one as nice as yours. It is in GREAT condition. Most of them are heavily worn.

    If it is genuine, it is probably a $500 coin, or maybe a lot more. There are many twists and turns with these coins, and I am not familiar enough to know which specific variety you've got.

    It looks genuine. But, with all valuable coins, you must be on guard for fakes.

    You should do a little more research on your own based on the information on the page cited above. Then you should seek out a knowledgeable professional. A good place to find top-notch coin dealers is here:


    I am a member of a professional coin dealer network on facebook. If you like, I can post your picture there. But I won't do it unless you give me the go-ahead. Let me know on this web site.

    The coin pictured below sold for $460 US dollars during a 2012 auction.

  • Paul Richards 

    Hi Paul, 

    Thanks for the feedback!

    I'll check out the list of dealers. I asked a guy near me and he offered me $200. I didn't take his offer.  I'd love to have you post it and see what more we can discover!



  • Nice surfaces; I'm a Colonial fan, but not an expert. Very Fine grade.  Porosity plagues these early coppers, but yours is a cherry! If I had to guess, it would be worthy of a four figure price. I could have an interest.

  • Karen -- You are wise to investigate your coin thoroughly. According to the facebook dealers, it is a Maris 21-N variety and is worth between $1000 and $1500 US dollars. Nice!

    The Maris categories show on this page:


    The precise grading of coins like yours determines value. I believe your coin grades in the neighborhood of VF-30. You should consider having your coin professionally authenticated, graded, and encapsulated. For this, use PCGS, NGC, ICG, or ANACS. Steer clear of other services.

    Good luck with your coin, and keep us posted with any updates.

  • Also, there is a service which does coin conservation, similar to what a curator does in a museum. It, also, is worth your attention:


  • Paul Richards Nice info Paul, ive bookmarked that page, could come in useful for some coins i want to keep.

  • Karen, your coin does not need conservation, IMHO.  The surfaces are pristine, again, IMHO.  I would be a player if/when it is for sale at 1,000.00.

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