Agnus Dei coin

Hi - can you help me identify this coin? I bought it recently and think it's quite old, but know nothing about it...Thank you! Kevin

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  • I appreciate any help I can get here - I'm not even sure I am dealing with a coin. It is very heavy, by the way - perhaps bronze?

  • Anyone? Thanks

  • I would really appreciate any help here

  • Sorry, Kevin. It is obviously a paschal lamb, but our reference material yields no matches to it. I agree it appears old and genuine, but I have been unable to ID it.

    If you have not tried over here:

    please do.

  • Paul - thank you so much! I bought it at a flea market and the vendor said she thought it was from the civil war, but I think it's much older, given the irregular shape, the metal, and the lamb...

  • I thought it was a horse lol I didn't think lambs had tails that long?

    I take it the flag is of a winged angel but at a horizontal view?

  • I have a  thought. Do you think it could be a religious token of some kind Jesus on the flag carried by the crowned lamb as if to say he was a sacrificial  Lamb ? Just throwing it out there :)

  • It could be - I'm at a total loss! Does the shape give any indication of the age, by the way? It's why I'm guessing it's very old. I also checked with a magnet (it's not magnetic), which leads me to think it's bronze...

  • You should further research the item. Personally i don't think this is a coin at all as it looks more like a token. It's hard to believe that is even an old item. The  Lamb of god (Jesus) is a religious   theme encountered on medieval coins from Sweden, Switzerland, Castile, Malta and the list could probably go on.

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