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  • Hi Ilayaraja --

    Those are some nice-looking coins you have. Very cool.

    I checked all of them for proper weight, and they are correct. The surfaces and the strike look good, too. They look fully genuine to me.

    For the Bikanir piece, the one in my picture sold for $128 US dollars in a recent auction. Your coin has about the same wear, but much better eye appeal, so yours is probably worth more than $128. I'd guess $150.

    To get approximate values, please look up the remaining coins on our main web site. Go to:


    and click the 'Find Coins' button at the top left. Enter a tiny bit of information into the form and click the button at the bottom. You should have no trouble finding your coins.

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    • Paul Richards 

      hi Paul 

      good morning . Ware is you holding your auction Center . Which country? Is there in India anything ? 

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  • The coin I show was auctioned :

    Schulman b.v. - Auction 362, Lot 1216
    WORLD Coins India-British - Rupee 1892, Silver, VICTORIA 1837–1901, BIKANIR Crowned bust left. Rev. horizontal line divides inscriptions within beaded circle.KM. 7211.63 g. Slight hairlines on obverse Extremely fine + Estimate: 100 EUR.

    There are many international coin auctions, but I do not know which ones are held in India. Here is a list of some of them. Not all these companies run auctions, but many do.

    (1) VCoins.com - Internet mall of respected dealers in Ancient, World, and US coins. Emphasis is on ancient coins.


    (2) MA Shops - Internet mall of respected dealers in World coins. Emphasis is on European coins.


    (3) Stacks Bowers - A prominent name in US and World coins, routinely dealing in high-end numismatic material worth $1000s of US dollars.


    (4) Heritage Auctions - A worldwide, high-volume buyer and seller of high-end coins, grossing well over $750,000,000 of coins sold per year.


    (5) Working Man's Coins - Recognized long-time Internet dealer specializing in US coins. Honest, reliable, and personable.


    (6) Civitas Galleries - Expert dealer in all collectible coins: US, world, ancient, and medieval. Catering to all collectors, beginner to advanced.


    (7) Mike Byers - Renowned expert who literally 'wrote the book' on coins with minting errors. Buys, sells, evaluates. Super-nice person.


    (8) Calgary Coin - Informative web site and excellent selection of Canadian and Worldwide coins, as well as ancient and medieval coins.


    (9) Littleton Coin Company - A well known clearinghouse for all types of coins, including high-end and low-end material. Littleton buys and sells every coin of every possible description and is active both inside and outside numismatic circles.


    (10) Goldberg - High-end numismatic material with excellent track record


    (11) Spectrum Numismatics - Another superb dealer and auction house for all types of numismatic material


    (12) Tulving Company - Very reputable dealer in gold and silver bullion


    (13) Baldwin's - Superb, sophisticated dealer in the UK


    (14) Spink - Another high-end UK auction house


    (15) Künker GmbH & Co. - Our favorite dealer in Germany


    (16) ABC Coins and Tokens - An excellent dealer for exonumismatics, especially tokens


    (17) Chard - Top-notch dealer in bullion, coins, and other quality products in Lancashire, UK


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