how much does it cost


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  • Hello, Essa --

    I believe the coin in my picture is the same as yours. It is a follis (denomination) from the Roman Empire, as you have correctly identified, ruled by emperor Mazimino (312AD). On the back is Genius.

    I think the inscriptions read IMP C GAL VAL MAXIMINVS P F AVG and GENIO AVGVSTI.

    The one in my picture sold for $30 US dollars, and yours would be worth about that amount.

  • Thank you, Mr. Bill Richard, for this cooperation. I have old miscellaneous coins. Please give me information about their value

  • Yo, Essa --

    Thank you for saying "thank you." Few do.

    There is no easy method for evaluating old coins. You must look each one up. Our web site, CoinQuest.com, is designed to help you look up all your coins.

    1. Identify your coin: use the 'Find Coin" feature to do this

    2. Estimate the condition of your coin: worn, average, well preserved, and so on

    3. Get approximate values: each coin has a page with values

    The values quoted are "catalog values" which are not actual buy and sell values. For information on catalog values, see this page:


    To look up your coins, go to:


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    • Paul Richards 

      how much does it cost

  • Hi again -- The one in my picture sold for $100 US dollars. Description:

    Roma Numismatics Ltd - E-Sale 37, Lot 578
    Constantine I Æ Nummus. Constantinople, AD 328. CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG, rosette-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right / CONSTANTINIANA DAFNE, Victory seated left on cippus, palm branch in each hand, looking right; trophy in front, at the foot of which kneels a captive, spurned by Victory; E in left field, CONS in exergue. RIC 32. 2.97g, 19mm, 5h. Extremely Fine. Estimate: 100 GBP...

  • Thank you for this cooperation. My question to you is what are the specifications of a currency with a high value of more than 500 dollars. I search on your site, but I do not find anything similar to my currency

  • Essa -- Your question is difficult to answer. There are plenty of coins worth more than $500 US dollars, but there is no easy way to list them out.

    Most ancient coins -- from Greek and Roman empires -- catalog well below $500, unless they are in superb condition.

    I have only a little experience with ancient coins. There must be some reference books you can buy that give details and value, but I do not know what those books are.

    • Paul Richards 

      how much does it cost

  • The one in my picture sold for $214 US dollars.

    France, Louis XIII, demi-franc, inscriptions LVDOVIC. XIII. D: G. FRAN. ET. NAVA. REX, SIT. NOMEN. DNI. BENEDICTVM.

  • how much does it cost

  • It is time for you to do your own research.

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