I have this

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  • Hello!

    You have a gold silver coin mounted in a medallion. Ok.,but WHY haven't you showed us the other side(face) of the coin???馃... For a quick & proper identification...

    As you showed us ONLY one side of the coin and on the other side are written both the coin's denomination & its year of minting,I'll send you the KM catalogue pages and you will have to find by yourself the denomination & the year of coin's put in circulation.  It's easy,don't worry! 

    The quality(conservation) of your coin may be VF. But no more because I see signs of circulation wear.馃ゴ 


    • Andi Pasculescu 

    • Mpendulo terrence 

      Your coin,from the Boers' South African Republic (ZUID AFRIKAANSCHE REPUBLIEK),gold 1 Pond 1892, is this: 

      In an auction,you may get plus or minus these catalogue values. It is somehow good that the mounting in jewelry was done without too prejudice to the coin(no holes,etc.).


  • Hi Mpendolo --

    You can see from Andi's catalog entries that your 1892 1 pond contains 0.2352 troy ounces of gold (actual gold weight, AGW). The fact that your coin has been mounted in jewelry causes damage to the coin, so Andi's evaluation of VF20 condition must be revised downward. Most collectors do not buy damaged coins.

    In my estimation, your coin is worth its weight in gold. At the current price of gold of $1927 US dollars per troy ounce, the value of your coin is 0.2352 x 1927 = $453 US dollars.

  • Something interesting to read:

    猸 The gold coin 1 Pond 1892,variety with ''double shaft wagon'' is the only coin of the type with the engraver's initials on it. Most of the already minted coins (of a total of 15,600 pieces) but not released yet into circulation were MELTED down. 


    • Andi Pasculescu so what how do I sell it?

    • Mpendulo terrence 

      In my opinion,you have 2 better ways for selling:

      P.S.: In both,because your coin is mounted in a nice piece of jewelry(a medallion),you leave it like it is,mounted. Then,because I see a white stone on the medallion,please go to a jewelry shop to test that stone for REAL DIAMOND (valuable itself) or it may be artificial zirconium. 馃 

        *You choose a selling internet site like ''eBay'' (for example,but there are many more...)

        *You put there your item (with good,clear photos,both sides + description),

      馃搶1) for auction,starting any price(even 1$) BUT WITH SECRET ''RESERVE PRICE'',that you fixe at the amount you wish. This way,you can be sure that your item will not sell UNDER A MINIMUM price you may want!

      For your item (if it has no real diamond in it!),the reserve price may be the gold content,so 500-550 usd.猸

      馃搶2) for the option ''BUY IT NOW + MAKE OFFER!''. 

      Here,you may start with a price you want (let's say 1800-2000$,as an example!) and if it doesn't sell at that price you wait for offers of interested persons. So,you are able to test the market!馃憤 If,after a reasonable time,your item still doesn't sell,you are free to diminish ALSO the first ''Buy it now'' price: you put now,for example,1200$ or 1000usd. Of course,if all the offers you have received (up to that moment) were less than 1000$.

       ETC.,ETC....  I gave you the best tips for selling accordingly to the collectable market,in my opinion.馃榿

      Now,it's time for you to ''play''!!! 馃槣 


    • Andi Pasculescu well thank you were very helpful, I learned alot today 

    • Mpendulo terrence With pleasure!馃榾

      Please,still remember ALL is written about your variety coin in the article I have sent you earlier(see above!): low mintage,melted coins... scarce pieces in our days 馃槈

      Good luck!馃憤


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