US shield cent 2013

I have a US 2013 shield cent. On obverse side it is off center, on reverse in addition to shield picture there are oblique lines. Is it the picture of trail dies ? Or is it something else?Thanks. ssmoorthy.

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  • Hi! Pictures,please!!!馃榿 Otherwise,馃ゴ

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  • Thanks. I am new. here are pictures.

  • Hello! I welcome you to our site & to the world of numismatics,if it is also the case to be new in coin collecting(??)!馃槂 

     Anyhow,I am so sorry that you start here with a low value,modern coin,in circulation. Thank you for the photos of both coin's sides but photos of one side I have already seen at the other post of yours for the same coin.

      As I told you there (and our dear colleague Paul confirmed!),the lines & spots on your coin were not done by an error of the minting process but are post-minting damages of the coin. And they do not add value to the coin... On the contrary,they diminish that value.馃ゴ 

    About the off-center strike (you were talking about),this is a category of minting errors (as I told you). But,unfortunately,this is not the case of your coin.馃槩 Paul,who knows better the american coinage told you that your coin is correctly struck. So,NO ERROR here!

       All these make your coin's collectable value zero.馃槶  It doesn't worth more than its face value of 1 cent... Sorry,again,for your expectations! 

         I hope you'll have better luck in the future with other coins... 馃憤 There are plenty of them to discover!馃槈馃榾


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