Heres a sample of how many i picked up today for 10$ but ill post video of each coin after im done looking at them thanks any info helps

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  • Tone -- Nice bunch of coins. For assorted coins like these, coin dealers often sell them by the pound. $10 US dollars is about right for the coins shown. That is about how much they are worth. If you wanted to sell them back to another coin dealer, he or she would probably pay you $3 to$5.

  • Paul Richards i just looked some up & there is a couple going for 900$ with over 200 watching and betting on them well certain coins and i looked some  up on cointrackers also 

  • Paul Richards thank you though appriciate  your time 

  • Very cool. Let me know how you do selling your good ones. Most collectors buy non-US coins by the pound and then sort out the ones with silver content, which are worth more than face value, even in poor condition.

  • Paul Richards k thanks i will i counted over 200 coins most silver also pre 1960 i still havnt looked them all up i got a 1882 british bronze one penny 1927 british one a 1933 british half penny a 1937 and a 1939 british bronze penny and a 1942 british bronze one penny  with a bird on it the coin size of a half dollar i gotta look them up i know the 1933 one penny they only made a few of maybe like 8 and  they wernt supposed to go to curculation i think idk but ill let you know thanks again 

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