1939 Wheat Cent w/"L" on lapel...?

1939 Wheat Cent....Looks to have the letter "L" stamped(?) in the lapel & a line/hair(?)

under the chin [open area-not on Lincoln]....any knowledge or input on this? I have another

'39 that I compared it to...no "L" or "hairline".  I am pretty sure the gauge on side/rim is post mint damage...if I'm wrong, please feel free t correct me!    Thanks, astralea1692

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  • Hi M.K. - I agree that the gouge on the rim is post-mint. I also think that the "L" (it looks a bit like a "4" to me) is PMD, from what I can make of your photos. 

  • After looking at the close ups...I kind of began wondering that too...but didn't see the "4"....Wow!  Thanks...I'll prob. pull this one off, don't want to waste anyone's time. Geez...guess I'm just human..Thank you, kindly!


  • Hey no problem, thanks for posting. You are not wasting anyone's time - all of us here enjoy looking at and discussing coins!

  • Thank you...I can't seem to figure out how to delete my post, ummm...guess I need to go back to the front of the class & reread some stuff..lol. 

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