AH 1255 year 10 Kurush that's all I know

I was looking through my coin collection and this guy caught my eye. I'm looking to properly identify it. Also a price estimate wouldn't hurt.

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  • Well, Ryan, you know a lot. It's a Turkey 10 kurush dated 1255/10. It is in average circulated condition. Value is about $20 US dollars, as explained on this page:


    1255/10 is a common date for this coin, so the values appear under GENERAL VALUES on our page.

  • This one is a 1255/6, which is a *better date.* It is also in well preserved condition. It sold at auction for 500 euros.


  • Awesome, thank you for the replies. I was hoping it was worth more. However, I still love the aesthetics of the coin.

  • Agreed. These are beautiful (and interesting) pieces.

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