Small date/Large date/No Mint

On January 7, 1982, the first zinc-based Lincoln pennies were made at the West Point Mint. These pennies do not have mint marks like the other 1,587,245 business-strike zinc pennies, which were produced at the San Francisco Mint on the same year. 

So does this mean my 1982 no mint mark was made at the West Point?

The second 1982 D, is this considered  a small date?  It appears that the number 8 is the same height as the number two.

The third 1982 D the numbers are thick and this would be considered the large date right? 

Sorry, I'm really trying hard to research my coins without having to ask you for help but the large dates and small dates and especially the no mint marks, I just assumed that the no mint marks some were made in Philadelphia.  So confusing UGH!   Thank you again for your help. 

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  • Hi Lee -- I cannot discern from your pictures what you've got. Here's the thing. You MUST get two important tools if you want to pursue US coins: (1) a Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins by R. S. Yeoman, and (2) a small 5x or 10x pocket magnifier. Together they should cost $30 or so. You cannot purse US coins without these two items. The Red Book has close-up pictures of the varieties you are studying. Yes, these items come directly out of your coin budget. But they pay substantial dividends in enjoyment. I have a collection of Red Books on my bookshelf. They date back to 1958. I smile whenever I look at them all stacked up in a row on the shelf. They brought many years of collecting enjoyment.

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