What grade & value?

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  • Grade is fine condition (average circulated) and is worth about $1.

  • Tyler Nutting no way its worth a dollar, you might be mistaken

  • Billy judd These are quite modern coins and do not have much value even if in good condition.  I have the same coin, same condition but it's 1969 and it's only worth a dollar still.

  • I'm from the UK so I am familiar with this type of coin . Over here you can get a circulated  10p  from between 0.99p and an Uncirculated one goes for around £4 . Surprising for such a plain looking coin that's double the thickness of the more modern one . But like anything out there on the web there is always high pumped up prices too . Going £10 + 

  • Sadly in the UK, there are many of these around. Value of $1 is pretty much alot for the prices they realistically sell at. One could go to a carboot sale nearly anywhere in the UK, and pick up one of these coins (and many other old British coins) in any condition for as little as 10p (the new kind) each.

  • Ashley James I have quite a few of these.

  • Tony Gartshore the prices here were  prices are based on eBay listings . Like I say I was surprised to see them that high . I agree with Ashley James at a UK car boot next to nothing not the pumped up prices on here  on the internet . 

  • Book price for UNC 1970 10 pence is £0.50p Spinks 2015 catalogue  . Collector Coins Decimal issues book has  UNC (MS63) £0.20p BUNC(MS65) £1.00p. 133,571,000 Minted so there are plenty about

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