Ancient Greece Athens Tetradracm with Athena, Owl and Amphora 138BC is what I think it is. I don’t think its real but help me please!

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  • Hristo --

    That is a nice coin. It looks real to me. Does it weigh about 16.6 grams and is it made of silver? A jeweler can answer both questions.

    My picture is a coin similar to yours. Details of the pattern vary widely, so weight and metallic composition are better indicators of authenticity than pattern matching.

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    • Paul Richards Hello Paul--

      Can I ask you what makes you think its real? I am not sure this is silver because of the color and it has this ring so you can hold it as a necklace + I saw many coins that are similar to mine and none of them are so preserved as this one, I really think this is just some kind of a medallion. I didnt't go to a jeweler yet, but is it worth going?

    • Hristo Sakalov See my reply to Elemental Breakdown

  • That's a beautiful coin! What would be a good price on an authentic one? 

  • You're right, EB --

    Hristo's coin is a beautiful specimen. 

    The one in my first picture sold to a collector for $1869 US dollars.

    My latest picture (with this reply) is in wonderful condition. It sold for $1700.

    Hristo -- Please get the weight and composition from a jeweler.

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