20 franc gold 1875 coin

I was wondering what is the 20 franc coin going to be worth in 10 years and how much was it worth 10 years ago.

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  •  I know its hard to see but it is uncirculated and gold that's the glare from my computer thts giving the weird color

  • Jackson -- That is a nice-looking gold coin. It even looks like it is a PROOF finish, which is usually worth more than an UNCIRCULATED finish. Background fields on a proof coin look like mirrors.

    As to value, the coin is worth about BV + $100 US dollars, where BV is "base value."

    BV is computed by multiplying the number of ounces of gold in your coin by the current price of gold. According to :


    your coin contains 0.187 ounces (they are troy ounces), and the current value of gold is about $1800 US dollars per ounce, so

    BV = 0.187 x 1800 = $336 US dollars.

    So your coin is worth $336 + $100 = $436 US dollars today.

    Using historical gold charts, 10 years ago gold was about $1600 US dollars per ounce, so BV was

    BV = 0.187 x 1600 = $299

    and your coin was worth $299 + $100 = $399.

    The price of gold changes every day. You can see in the chart it was about $1200 per ounce 5 years ago.

    For the future, no one really know what the price of gold will be in 10 years. I have heard as high as $70,000 US dollars per ounce, but that's only if there is a financial disaster. A price near $4000 per ounce is probably more reasonable.

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