Can someone tell me what this is?

I've tried searching to see what this coin is and it's worth. One side it has the Liberty 1898 Republique Francaise and on the other side it is Republica Mexicana bird and snake. wasn't able to find any coins with this two images but only different. lmk thanks. 

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  • Cheng ---

    Those two coins never pair together, so it must be something else.

    The scratched condition means value will be very low.

    It looks like a "trick coin" to me. For info about trick coins, see this page:


  • One French and one English ???

    • John Ledogar   Sorry; One French and one Mexican

  • Yea it’s so hard to tell without an expert seeing the coin itself and if there’s any history. I was told on coin identification that it could be an error coin since France was minting coins for Mexico back in the 1900s 

  • Any updates to this? I have a similar silver coin. 

  • The Mexico side is from, well, Mexico. The other side is from France. Go to this page and click on the countries:


    • Paul Richards Hi,Paul! Sorry,bro, a little correction: 

      📍The french side is not from mainland France but from its Asian colony of French Indochina (for the Piastre coins & its subdivisions).

      The Mexican side is for the 8 Reales & 1 Peso coins of the Mexican Republic of the 19-th. century.

      Best friendly regards,


    • Yo, Andi -- Yes. You are very correct. But ... when I was naming categories for the CoinQuest web site, I couldn't bring myself to create an "Indochina" category. Krause has a category "French Indochina" so I decided to put these coins under "France." If you go to my "France" page, you'll find French Indochina along with some others, like French Equatorial Africa.

    • Paul Richards Oh, yes, I understand now...  That's very Ok for me! 😀  

      But... what I still don't understand is why we continue to discuss upon this so obvious "fake & fantasy" coin ?! 🥴😬

      Cheers!  Andi 🤗

  • Remember "Cinco de Mayo"  Or The 5th of May-- well it was the French the Mexicans fought and beat at the Battle of Puebla, (May 5, 1862), battle fought at Puebla, Mexico, between the army of the liberal government headed by Benito Juárez and the French forces sent by Napoleon III to establish a French satellite state in Mexico. The battle, which ended in a Mexican victory, is celebrated in the national calendar of Mexican holidays as Cinco de Mayo (5th of May).  Why the coin-- I have no idea;  but some fella has one for sale on E-bay for a lot of $$

    • John Ledogar Hi,John!

      Thanks for the History "lesson" but what is its "link" with this, I need to repeat it, FAKE-FANTASY  COIN ?!? No matter what is selling on eBay (by the way, a lot of fakes there 👎😭), such a coin was NEVER MINTED officially!

      Andi 🤗

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