8 Reales—Potosí, 1716

Hello! Once again, I bring along a Spanish cob!

This time, its an 8 Reales cob minted in Potosí in 1716 by assayer Diego de Ybarbouru (hope I spelled that right). I did some research and was able to track to previous auctions like Hervera, 15/10/2015, Lot 616. Unfortunately, since I don't have access to all databases (student budget), I don't know what it was auctioned for.

Therefore, I would like to ask what this coin might be worth? And does having passed through auction houses like Hervera and Áureo & Calicó help with its value or condemn it to stick with prices from many years ago?

A few more notes: there are two full and visible dates, and a third "half-date" with the 17  slightly visible on the reverse. And the strike is kind of weak=doubling on the reverse of the coin.

Thank you very much for your insight!

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    What a cool coin. I really like it. The pillar side looks double-struck, which adds oodles of interest.

    This coin sold for $219 US dollars in 2015. See auction listing here.

    I'm pretty sure your coin would sell retail today somewhat higher, maybe $300 to $350 (my guess). The second auction picture shows one auctioned in 2021 for $450.

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      Paul Richards 
      Dear Paul, 

      Thank you very much, as always, for your help!

      It is nice to see the results of the Hervera auction. Regarding coin pricing, I tend to agree, it is very subjective and is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it--and specially with cobs it is never the same as no coin is the same as the other. 

      Anyways, since I don't plan on selling the coin, I wanted to know kind of where the coin could be standing out of curiosity. Now I know, thank you!


  • BTW, I characterize coin pricing as a "crapshoot." For my full write-up on coin pricing, see this substack article:


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