Real or Fake - Chinese One Dollar Coin

I’m asking the forum of experts for some help.

I purchased some coins at an estate sale, Morgan dollars, Peace dollars, etc.  And then there is this coin (pictured below).  I also purchased a couple 7 Mace and 2 and 3 Candareens coins, but I will post them later.

For this coin, I can’t find any counterfeits that look exactly like what I have, but I also can’t find any authentic versions either.  I’ve done as much Internet research as I could do, looking at side-by-side comparisons, reading experts’ articles about Chinese counterfeit coins, weighing my coins, etc.

The font and text size of “ONE DOLLAR” seem to be unique to my coin.  I have found versions where the “O” in “DOLLAR” is missing and several other font styles and sizes on other coins, but none like mine.

Tests I have done:

I did the “ice test” in which I placed ice upon the coin and was told (by a YouTube expert) that the ice should immediately begin to melt if the coin is silver.  It did immediately melt.

I weighed my coin.  It weighed in at 21 grams (and is about 34mm/35mm in diameter), which does not look good as compared to the suggested authentic weights of other Chinese dollars and 7 Mace and 2 and 3 Candareens coins.

The “ping test” was inconclusive.  My coin sound like Morgan and Peace dollars when I shuffled them together and hit them against one another. 

The good news, my coin did not respond to a magnet, at all, even in the slightest bit.

So, quick questions:

Would a 90% silver coin pass all of the same tests, which I what I think I have.

And the big question:

Is my coin the real McCoy?  My guess is that it may be a tourist souvenir coin, maybe a really old one.

And, I’d like to know whether my coin it is authentic or not.

What is the actual coin I have?

Year it was minted?

What the Chinese characters say/mean?

Or, what is it trying to be?

And, the value for its condition?  I’d like to keep it in my collection, or maybe sell it, not sure yet.

Thank for your help. 

Fingers crossed,


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