Trying to find market for this coin since I have it n don't see where else it's safe but with you guys for future reference of your culture

How much

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  • Hi again,Joseph! 

    * This is another thing! This chinese imperial coin,although used in circulation(?!) + highly damaged (by a cut in it! What a pity!😭) is still somehow a valuable coin... If it had been not damaged & in better condition,it would be worth 4-6 hundreds of $. 🤔Like this,it may be priced at 40-50-60$. 

    Your coin MAY have one more ''problem'': Does it stick to a magnet? If genuine,it should not! If it sticks,value is ZERO,because it is a fake.🥴

    * Joseph,if you want to sell any of your coins,please try on a site like eBay. Because CoinQuest is not such a market place(where to sell & buy). Our site is ONLY for numismatic questions (= questions about coins & collections). 


  • Check diameters against the coins on this page:


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