Ram Darbar Coin value

A ram darbar genuine coin; Wanted to know its current market value. I m not sure if its gold or brass.

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  • I've seen this word used alot to describe coins like these, so I don't know if i'm using it right,

    But the details on this coin look too "mushy" for a real coin, it could however be a token. If it looks like real gold, have a jeweller take a look at it, then it would be worth it's scrap value.

    But other than that, I don't know much about this coin.

  • Ash is right. The  pattern is much too mushy. Evaluating these coins is very difficult, since most of them are modern temple tokens that sell for low value. For details, see this page:



  • I have ram darbar coin and want to know about price range for this coin, I also want to know how to identify genuine coin, I have attached my coin photo can you please let me know approx price and any contact details for selling of this coin,

  • I am not capable of answering either of your questions with certainty. But your questions about (1) authenticity and (2) price range have bothered me for many years. You can buy modern coins like yours (even though they look old) for about $15 US dollars.  I have seen them for sale as little as $5. See, for instance, this reputable coin dealer:


    About halfway down this page you will find a nice selection of ramatanka.

    For authenticity, all we can offer is to compare your token to samples on our page. Scroll down until you get to the ancient/modern comparison pictures. See:


  • Thanks for response,  but I have seen few people selling this coin more than 50 lakhs,  my grandfather gave this coin to me,  could you please suggest proable price? And buyers contact details 

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