2001 P Nickel mess?

Hello!   I would appreciate if you zoom in on this nickel and take a look around the edge and the top of Jefferson's head.  It seems to me like a lot of errors going on by the word Liberty and date and also We Trust.   Looks like a lot of cud on the back, will you please tell me what you think?  Are there mint error's going on here or just a hot mess.  Thank you!

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  • There is something going on, but I do not think it is a minting error.

    Other forum users may have good ideas.

    Since it is not a dramatic departure from a normal nickel, it is probably not worth very much.

  • Yes, after looking at it closer with a magnifying glass the mint mark looks like a D inside the P and looks like a double die.  Appreciate your thought, THANK YOU!

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