Australian $2 coin

The edges on this coin look like sliced off but they seem kind of smooth and are also very poorly shaped. Is this a damaged coin or a print error? 

  • Sorry this was the best picture I could take!

  • The poor thing has been really beat up. It's post-minting damage, not a minting error. There are no known minting processes that can produce that kind of thing.

  • Yes it really looks badly damaged! However picture is not so clear but when you look at it with naked eye it looks as if it is meant to look that way if you know what I mean. As if it was made that way on purpose and not an actual damage. Anyway your the expert. Thank you for sharing with me your knowledge! 😊

  • I think somebody started hammering the edges to turn the coin into a ring, but then realized that the copper-aluminum-nickel alloy these coins are made of is much stronger than a soft metal like silver!

    Check this short video to see what I mean ;)

  • 😄 sound crazy and funny! Thanks for that!

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