1962 D Lincoln cent - brass?

this is a 1962 Lincoln penny with a D but the odd thing about if is that is is significantly variant on color, having a much more yellow or golden hue than most pennies. Is this possibly of any rarity or value?

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  • Have you tried unwrapping it to see if there's chocolate inside? :D

    Jokes aside, this does look like a plated penny. It's always hard to tell from pictures. If you had said it looked gilded, I would have agreed with that too. Both brass- and gold plating can easily be done as a high school chemistry experiment. There's one popular experiment where you form a copper zincate alloy on the surface on the coin (brass is copper+zinc) which looks almost golden. Then, if I recall correctly, this coating can be removed by dipping the coin in mercury. I used to love these kind of experiments, and I still own a Danish 2 kroner coin that I copper plated by electrolysis in high school.

    In your case, the coin is a bit dinged up, but the plating isn't. I would assume it was done somewhat recently. I think I can see a bit of early peeling close to some parts of the rim.

    It's a cool little thing. It was probably someone's "lucky penny" at some point. The value is just 1 cent. But try keeping it in your wallet. Maybe you'll get a silver quarter back in your change soon ;)

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