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hi i have some coins that i like to knew if they are worth any

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  • Yes, these are valuable coins. We will do more research for you.


    Watch this thread.

  • no i will have them in plastic bag. i found them (a lot) in a bowl when i was cleaning my aunts house out. 

    thx for the answer

  • What a find! That 1858 one cent is just perfect the way it is. Lucky that the off-strike didn't go the opposite way, or we wouldn't have that date to look at! The "Mercury" dime as well, it just *zings* with those details. Even looks like it's got full bands!

    I cannot offer any guesses as to value, but I did want to compliment your coins!

    I found a similar 1857 flying eagle cent struck 25% off center at this link but it requires a subscription to view the selling price. I would think yours is of similar value: some more wear, but the eagle's head isn't cut off.

  • ty, maybe i will try a local handler (lives i sweden), but wanted to know a bit first. So they dont play whit me.

  • The off center fleagle is probably worth $500 US dollars to an error collector. A dealer would pay about half that. This off center Indian head cent sold for $150 on eBay, and the flying eagle is much more desirable. I've seen off center Indian cents go as high as $500. The trick is to find the right collector.

    My guess on the Merc is $200 to $300.

  • Nice off-centre coin there.

  • thank you for reply, now i have somtething to go on

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