1958/1959 Pennies

Hi, this is my third time buying rolled pennies, I found some wheat pennies  1958/1959's and was wondering if you could grade them for me?  On the 1958 it appears that it might be double stuck, on  the mint mark D there is a faint D above it would you give me your opinion please?  Thank you

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  • Hi Lee --

    Glad you are pursuing your hobby. Coin collecting is called the KING OF HOBBIES and I agree.

    Checking the Red Book, the definitive feature on obverse Lincoln cents is the separation between the president's cheek and jaw bones. The two must be separated to qualify for VF grade. For AU grade, there can be only slight wear on the cheek and jaw bones. Most of your coins have significant wear on these bones, so I do not believe any qualify for AU status.


    1 - This one makes VF (my opinion, of course), but the stains make it 'net grade' VG. I can barely make out a possible re-punched mint mark, but maybe it is there. Check the 'varieties' listing at this amazing web site:



    2 - I'd say XF with plenty of red remaining. Nice coin. No stains or scratches. I don't think it qualifies for AU because there is too much wear on the cheek and jaw bones.


    3 - XF again, but the faint scratches detract. There is clearly wear on the cheek and jaw bones.


    4 - XF and moving toward AU. But the wear on the bones is much more than 'slight' which would be required for full AU status.

  • Hi Mr. Richards, 

    Have to admit I'm researching and trying to understand what to look for in coins and yes, it's addicting!  Can hardly wait to buy more coins, thank you for your help! 


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  • You are doing great, Lee. Doing coin grading is the most important thing you can do as a new collector. Learn how to grade, based on the amount of wear on the coin. Use reference books, like the Red Book for US coins. And be sure to understand damage and problems, which ALWAYS lower a coin's value substantially. Here are examples of typical damage to coins. One tiny offense along these lines and a coin's value is ruined.


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