India Ram Darbar Temple Ramatanka

Hi there, i know you have seen a couple of these in the past, and i have checked out your page, but i still cant tell if this is a ancient token or a modern fake, i believe its silver, and it weighs 12 grams, the holes a shame!!! any thoughts on it would be appreciated.



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  • On the bottom you can see a Fake and real token. I believe your coin is a counterfeit coin because there are some obvious differences on your coin and the real one. Such as the lettering on your coin seems to be a little bit off . here you can see the value of a counterfeit  coin and a real one

    Modern ReproductionGenuine Ancient Coin

     Fake coin in brass= $5           Real coin in copper or brass=$250

    Fake coin in silver=$60       Real coin in silver =$420

    fake coin made out of gold= $800    Real coin made out of Gold= $3000

  • Thanks Texas Red, can you be a little more specific, as to the lettering comment, because what i see, fake has thin letters real has fat, fake has only 8 dots under umbrella real has 10, real has the same combination of lettering fake has different symbols, real has angled lines on the pants fake has straight, real has hands showing on the second pic fake has no hands, real has a crown on monkey, fake has 3 dots. My coin has all the real signs mentioned above.

    Im not saying its not a fake, but i would like to be 100% S  sure,  these coins are so hard to know!!!


  • The Letter that looks like O or zero has only a little hole while the real one pictured has a way bigger hole. Plus one of your figures on the front of your coin is missing a staf. And that's not a good sign because most counterfeit versions of this coin mostly make their coins without a staf. Notice that you can clearly see on the modern version that the figures on this coin is missing a staf just like your coin. If you are convinced your coin is real, send it to an authenticator. 

    Hope this helps //TD

  • These are all good observations, however LOL, as i understand it, the missing staff version can still be genuine, as shown below. The image with a green background is a genuine, old ramtanka minted in bronze and washed in silver. Its date is 1740. The image comes from an intriguing page on by mitresh which gives details of the symbolism of the central characters of Ramayana. CoinQuest thanks mitresh for use of his image. It is a nice example.

    I've sent the Token off to get looked at for authentication, i'll let you know the result.

    And thanks i really do appreciate your time and input.

  • The World of Coins page is a good one. Isn't you token the same as the one dated 51,740 on that page. It is a fantasy date.

    The CoinQuest page on these may shed more light. See:

  • Yes the 51,740 most definitely is the same as mine 🙂, im still a little unclear, do all of these tokens have fantasy dates even the ancient ones or just the more modern ones? If just the modern ones do, my question is solved, otherwise still not sure!!

  • Sorry, Marcus, I just do not know. These tokens are highly abused by shysters and no one has taken time to carefully catalog all the variations. The quality of the pattern and inscriptions is very low, making it trivial to create fakes. Then, due to the religious and emotional nature of the subject matter, crooks can sell them for much more than they are worth. My guess is that there are 10 to 20 different varieties, with only 2 or 3 holding real value. But that is just a guess. In short, there is no reliable method for evaluating these pieces.

  • Good News Sumit Bhola believes the Token is a Original 1700 silver coated Bronze Token.

    • Sumit Bhola


      This coin i have checked and it's original coin

    • Marcus Rose

      Any idea of Date?

    • Sumit Bhola

      1700 Year

      in India they get sold at very high price.

      depends on who is buying.

    • Sumit Bhola

      This coin is called " Ram Tanka "

      It's a Good luck token

      people used to get it from a temple .. there was a very old temple in India at that time which was of Lord Rama and this token pilgrims used to get from that temple as a good luck or can say as a blessings.

      they used to come in three metals ( Gold , Bronze , Silver )

      your one is Bronze

      as you can see a hole on ur coin it means someone would have worn it in his/her neck as a locket.

      it doesnt effects the price of it.

    • Marcus Rose

      Thanks, Sumit, is it silver plated?

    • Sumit Bhola

      Yes , But 100 % Bronze as what I can examine.

  • Marcus Rose 

  • I have ramdarbar coin I don't that is real or fake so please check this

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