Info on a Gold coin from 1918 and 1925

Would appreciate if I could be guided to their true value ... these were given to me by my grandfather almost 40 yrs ago ... all I know that they are gold coins.

Tried searching info on the Web but confusion persists.

Thanks in advance. 


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  • These are gold sovereigns or gold half sovereigns from the UK. They are worth their weight in gold, plus a small 'collector premium' over gold value. According to this page:

    here are the pertinent stats:

    HALF SOVEREIGN: 19 mm diameter, 0.118 troy ounces gold 
    SOVEREIGN: 22 mm diameter, 0.235 troy ounces gold

    Measure the diameter to figure out whether you have a full sovereign or a half sovereign, then multiply the weight (0.118 or 0.235) by the price of gold, which is $1230 US dollars at the moment. Doing these calculations, and using $10 for collector premium:

    HALF SOVEREIGN: $155 US dollars

    SOVEREIGN: $300

  • Thanks Paul.. these i know are full sovereign and in gold .

    My confusion is on the dates and the mint as I am unable to make out where to look for the mark as I don't spot any.

    Also the net is confusing on the value of the 1925  and 1918 ... plus am not able to judge the condition. 

    Your view would be great. 



  • Your coins appear to be from London, so they have no mint mark. For mint mark location (if present), see the pics on this page:

    The 1925 is worn and stained, so the collector premium is about zero. The 1918 is in good shape, so I'd guess at $20 US dollar premium. In summary: both are worth gold value.

  • Thanks a ton ... will preserve them better ... do you think I should try and clean the stains with soapy water... I don't think it would be harmful to the coin .

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