Indian 1962 5 paisa coin with unusual round shape

 I have a question about a 1962 Indian 5 paisa coin. All the images I have found online show the coin to be a diamond shape, but my coin is round. The image shows a 1960 coin for comparison with the 1962 coin.  The question is: did someone file the edges? The edges of the 1960 and 1962 coin both appear smooth and even. Thanks for any advice.

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  • That's pretty interesting.  My guess would be that it was cut to fit into jewelry like rings and necklaces.  I have definitely never seen that before.


  • Unfortunately if it was filed down, it would make the coin worth zero as it is damaged.

  • Thanks for your comments. I didn't think of the possibility of its being a jewelry piece. Having said that, I can't imagine that it was valuable, even in 1962, as a keepsake. There is no residual mounting glue or mortar on it.

    To look at it, it does not appear to have any filing marks or scrape marks one would expect if it was placed in a vice to hold while cutting.s, and all the edges are symmetrical - the little notches on the edges appear fine. There is some wear and tear because the coin has been knocking around in a box forever, but there is nothing I can find to indicate that it's been processed. Do you have any suggestions on where to go from here? Thanks.

  • After a little research, I have found other examples. And the reason why this is round, is that someone has taken a geniune coin, and made it round to try and sell to unknowing collectors as a rare coin.

  • Thank you for that information, Ashley. It is a little disappointing that I came into possession of it! I also did a search and came up with this from the site:, where the author says it may have been a sneaky way to pass off a 5p coin as a 25p coin (a net gain of 20p). I have to say that the person could have put his/her time and skill to better use! Thanks for all your help.

  • Vidya Rajan I had seen people try doing that with other coins, but it didn't come to my mind that they did it with this one.

  • Tyler Nutting So basically they are trying to pass the coin off as a rare error coin?

  • Tyler Nutting 

    Seems like it. I think we may have been on the receiving end of a swindle, but really nicely done, I have to say. I think I am going to celebrate by actually mounting it on a piece of jewelry now! :)

  • Vidya Rajan lol.  Nice.  Did you buy that coin or did someone give it to you?

  • I am sorting through a pile of coins that my mother gave to me years ago. It's interesting - most are just everyday coins, but occasionally something like this. There are some older coins - late 1800's, early 1900's as well, but I still haven't done much to figure them out.

  • Some people still collect fake coins, And I would say this one is fairly interesting. Might still be worth a dollar or two to someone, but remember to tell them the story and that it's fake or an altered coin and not a "rare error". Don't forget to let us know about any other coins you want to know about!

  • Will do, Ashley, thanks.
    I will absolutely be honest! Currently I am thinking of making it into a jewelry piece as a gift for someone I know born in 1962. Nice that it has a story to go along. I wish that coins could talk!
    Thanks for your help, and I will absolutely ask - I have a huge pile of coins to sort through.
    I really appreciate your and Tyler's feedback.

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