Interesting Ugly Duckling from Argentina...

Hi guys,

Please can you take a look at this Argentinian 2 Centavos from 1890 - attached are 2 photos. I really like this coin and have been drawn to it despite it being a bit of a wounded ugly duckling!

Would really appreciate any help in understanding what has happened to this coin?  I am referring to the circular marks around the top of the 2nd image. Is this post mint damage or can this happen at the mint?  What can cause such markings?  Is it an interesting coin to a collector?  If so why and any ideas on likely premium on the base  value on such a thing?

Much appreciated!  

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  • The coin looks fairly worn regardless, but the damage could be post-mint which would ruin the value not add any. The coin being a fairly low-value coin in the first place, you'd have a hard time selling it as it is.

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