Anybody can tell me the good or bad opinion about this coins?

Anybody can tell me the good or bad opinion about this coins?


1942 one dollar, between the 4 and 2, I see a number like 6 or 1.. I don't know if someone can see that too.

and then, please opinions about all 4 coins. guys help me.


Thank you so much!!

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  • The Peace dollar is worth around $15, same with the Standing Liberty or silver value atleast. The Eisenhower Dollar is only worth face value ($1) and the Cent looks normal however there might be some slight error on the back but I know nothing of them.

  • The 1976-S dollar proof strike (mirror finish) was minted with both a silver and a copper-nickel version.  The silver version weighs more than the the other one - about 22.7 grams versus about 24.6 grams. If yours is silver, it'll be worth more than face value as it would contain over $5 worth of silver. The 1991 cent looks like mechanical doubling or die deterioration, neither of which is an error (which means no added value). 

    I see the "6" on the 1942 half dollar, but it's just a coincidence - that's not an error or anything. It just happens to look like a number. That coin is worth about $7 to a collector. 

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